Getting Started: How To Prepare Your 2019 - 2020 Tax Return With TurboTax

Intuit Turbo Tax 2019 - 2020

Intuit Turbo Tax Software includes several editions for all different walks of life. I can tell you that there is most certainly an edition that's just right for you. Consumers like myself return every year and proof of that is that it has been the top selling tax software for many years.

Intuit Turbo Tax Online Tax Tools

What I have noticed is that Turbo Tax is evolving continuously every year with new features and a simpler format. The continual updated software is making it easier to use and more effective with each issue.

This years products include

Regardless of whether you are an investor, a first time filer, a last minute filer or filing after a major life change, like marriage, children, business or job change - TurboTax will help you quickly get the most deductions possible.

With TurboTax Online tax preparation you can fully prepare your tax return and pay only if you choose to print or electronically file your return, which means you can fully test the program before you pay a dime.

TurboTax has a Free Edition for those who have simple filing needs. It is made for simple tax returns, which means, if you don't need special forms for investments and rental properties than this Free Edition may work for you. Additional benefits are that it includes Free Efile, and there's no income limitation so anyone can use it.

Other Turbo Tax Editions include Premier, Home & Business and Business version for those that have more complex tax return challenges.

I find that the best part about TurboTax is obviously the way they ask you simple questions and present your data. TurboTax eases you through the entire 1040 with a great variety of tips to ensure you get every deduction possible.

If your looking for a way to save money on your taxes, this is it. Save money by doing your own tax return, and by getting every deduction and credit you can qualify for. Get Intuit TurboTax and simplify your tax preparation today!

Turbo Tax Reviews Across America

Review: Anonymous (Kentucky)

Pros: very easy to use
Cons: sometimes lacking an explanation
About Me: I own a home
More About Me: I have kids

"Very easy, just follow the screens step by step. You can't really mess this up, just fill in what it asks and your done. Sometimes it wants to know stuff I really don't have any idea about, but I generally just go with it's recommendation and it works out. I don't care because it is easy and fairly fast. It took me about 2 hours to do my taxes. I can live with that."

Anonymous (Gulfport, Mississippi)

Pros: Quick and they explain everything as you go
Cons: Home business deductions are very confusing...I do not think this Turbo Tax's fault

About Me: I own a home
More About Me: I buy/sell investments such as stocks and bonds

"Turbo Tax makes it easy to track from year to year. They explain everything step by step, but still managed to walk me through filing my taxes in less than half an hour. This includes deductions, stock dividends and home owner as well as other deductions. Even dealt with Katrina survivor deductions."

Anonymous (Austin, TX)

Pros: Can set your own pace and return as often as you need
Cons: does not let you go directly to a line within a topic when you need to edit something

About Me: I own a home

"Overall, this is a very good program which makes preparing your tax return as easy as possible. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sit down with their own tax records and compile their personal return. As a matter of fact, I believe an individual can identify and claim itemized deductions much more efficiently and thoroughly than if they turned their paperwork over to a CPA. I don't believe most CPA's take the time to communicate important information to clients."