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Intuit Turbo Tax Rebate


Discount offers are placed here when Turbo Tax Rebate items are available,  Check back during tax season for Turbo Tax Rebate offers and promotions along with discount coupon offers.


TurboTax Rebates are a great way to keep some of your hard earned cash for yourself. Lord knows our government isn't doing what it should with our taxes, and the thought of giving them more of my money can really be irritating to me. Because of that I'm always looking for ways to save on my taxes and a great start to that is getting a rebate to offset costs of preparing my tax return.

You can access everything you need to make the rebate process quicker and easier. Find the right forms, file them and even track rebates through the TurboTax Web site. They provide all the information, forms and addresses for you to mail in your rebate forms. Just get your required information together and mail it in with the forms.

If you have received a retail rebate coupon in the mail directly from Intuit, then all retail purchases are eligible for this mail in rebate offer. Refer to the back of your rebate coupon for rebate rules, submission instructions, and requirements for redeeming the rebate offer you want.

TurboTax and Quicken products purchased at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco or Target are not eligible for rebates, unless otherwise specified by Intuit.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions on the TurboTax website if you have questions about your TurboTax, Quicken or Quickbooks rebate.

If you have purchased your QuickBooks® Software Product from a retail store, make sure that you have included the following three items to ensure quick delivery of your rebate check:

Rebate form (photocopies accepted)
Proof of Purchase (please see specific description on the rebate form)
Cash Register Receipt (photocopies accepted)


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