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With a well designed interview process, TurboTax Premier make complicated tax preparaation easy.  Help is the name of the game in tax software, and this edition has just what you need to complete your return without confusion.

Turbo Tax Premier + efile

TurboTax Review: Click on the Need Help? icon whenever you get confused and this program's help system kicks into high gear.

Content-sensitive help files explain the current form your on in detail and provide government instructions and related IRS publications to help you understand.

Other indexed help resources include a video library of multimedia presentations, the Money Income Tax Handbook, and program support from TurboTax.

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TurboTax Premier + efile

With this years edition a new feature called My Tax History brings in more data from your previous year's tax return to help you save time.

With the interview mode, you can select a split screen feature to work more easily.

Questions and explanations appear in the main interview window and the current form down below. Fields or check boxes for your responses are easily checked or filled to complete your tax forms without hassles.

FAQs support appears in the right pane, while your current tax balance (amount of refund or obligation) appears above to keep you updated.

Screen Shot - Online Comparison Chart

While TurboTax Premier looks and acts much the same as it has in the past, payroll-services giant ADP has been added this year to make things even easier.  Updated cooperation allows you to import figures from numerous suppliers of W-2 and 1099 documentation bringing the total number of firms that cooperate up substantially.

TurboTax Premier still offers live help advice, which is now available at a flat fee of $19.95 for up to 10 minutes of support. TurboTax Premier's Tax Advisor will also kick in for support if you've entered dependents. A screen displays information about ways to save for your kids education.

Premier Edition + Efile

Simple Navigation: Click on any of the tabs (Income, Deductions, and so on) and an indexed list of topics appears to make finding answers a quick process. Click on any of them and you're taken to the relevant spot in the interview, completed topics are checked off so that you know what's already been finished.

TurboTax users also have available to them a discounted version of "It's Deductible". With this program you can purchase for $19.95, you can dig deeper into the value of your charitable contributions than you normally might. This program helps you assign fair market value to your donations.

All in all TurboTax Premeir is a great choice to make tax preparation for the investor a lot easier to complete.

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