Getting Started: How To Prepare Your 2018 - 2019 Tax Return With TurboTax

Intuit TurboTax Online 2018 - 2019

Turbo Tax Online is a suite of products for use on online that includes these editions - FREE Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business.

Intuit Turbo Tax Online

The online sector of preparation has been the fastest growing sector over the last several years for many reasons including:

Internet based filing has been a great boon in the business, and new filers every year find this to be a great way to save some cash by doing their taxes themselves. What's more is that preparing your return yourself is a great way to educate yourself on how to get larger refunds on following years returns.

While the online sector is the fastest growing, the download software sector still offers advantages for some people, especially those that work on other returns for more people.

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TurboTax is the best selling product for your tax return preparation. TurboTax continually draws satisfied returning filers every year to do their Federal and State income returns than any other brand on the market.

With easy and FREE to use TurboTax calculators, you can save more money on your taxes than ever before. A small investment of your time viewing the credits and deductions tips will dramatically increase your ability to get a bigger refund than ever before.

Intuit TurboTax FREE Tax Estimator:

In about 10 minutes you can estimate your Federal refund in advance. Simply plug in the approximate numbers asked for, and as quick as that you’ll have the estimate of how much you will owe, or are getting back, it’s that easy!

Intuit TurboTax Free Edition

Designed for people who have simple returns and don’t need much for guidance, regardless of income level. Do your simple taxes and get your biggest refund … for FREE!

Intuit TurboTax Basic

Intuit TurboTax Deluxe

Intuit TurboTax Premier

Intuit TurboTax Home & Business

Regardless of your filing needs there is a TurboTax Edition that will work well for your filing situation.

Over the years TurboTax has developed a very intuitive format that tailors each online edition to your occupation and filing requirements. This eliminates a bunch of unnecessary filtering through areas that aren't required for your return preparation process.

Getting the most out of your tax season starts with the right software that can ensure you the biggest refund, or at least the least amount of taxes owed...

It's easier than you think to miss opportunities to lower your bill, and with the wrong product that's exactly what can happen.

Online editions allow you to work over the internet along with the live community that continuously supplies support to those in need. It's a comforting feeling for me knowing I have help whenever I need it.

Let’s take a look at the online version vs desktop version option

Online version – these versions are generally cheaper and quicker to set up since you don’t have to download any software. All the information you input is stored on TurboTax’s servers, not on your computer. The main concern some people have about the online version is security – if your software company stores all client information on one server then it would be a good target for hackers, of course not everyone has a secure desktop computer either, regardless. I use the online versions because they are so much cheaper and there really is no doubt that the security here is quite stable.

One of the great things about the online version is that you can complete your return for free and you don’t pay until you efile. This is a convenient way to try out the software before you buy in order to make sure it will work for you.

TurboTax Online Features Ease of Use

Perhaps one of the most important reasons in choosing tax preparation software is how easy it will be to use. I’ve found TurboTax to be really straightforward as it is easy to navigate to any part of the return. TurboTax also offers a guide that will walk you through each part of the return with a series of questions.

Try an online edition today and see for yourself why this brand is a leader year after year for quality preparation and filing online.