Getting Started: How To Prepare Your 2019 - 2020 Tax Return With TurboTax

TurboTax Military 2019 - 2020

It's a fact! Military personnel can get their taxes done through TurboTax for free, or with a significant discount when using the Free Edition, or for more complicated returns, the Deluxe Edition is the best choice.

With TurboTax, E1 - E5 military members are able to prepare and file their state and federal taxes for free. Other personnel ranks qualify to receive a military discount on the TurboTax federal tax filing products they require for tax return preparation.

For more details, visit the TurboTax website by clicking the image here. It's a super advantage that rewards our troops for all they do for our country. Just one of many free and discounted tax services.

TurboTax Offers Discount to Active-Duty Military Members and Reservists

Free tax return preparation is a tremendous benefit that is available to Veterans, military members and their families.

Free tax preparation services ensure that current and former members of the military along with their families have access to free tax return preparation and electronic filing services that allow them to keep more of their hard dollars.

Another option is the TurboTax Freedom Edition that is available for taxpayers that fall within the income limit that is adjusted annually.

The military discount is available to active-duty military and reservists with a military W-2.

How to get the Military Discount in TurboTax Online

With TurboTax software products military members will automatically have a discount applied to their account once they reach the Review your order screen, and before they use the file tab. Discounts include:

Military members will use their military W-2 form to verify their rank and activate the discount that will be applied when they file their return.

Additional Military Tax Support For "Limited Income" Tax Return Preparation And Filing Options

These programs are available to taxpayers that qualify based on income limits that are adjusted each year. Over 3.5 million tax returns are prepared each year using these services.

Tax returns completed through these services are prepared by IRS certified volunteers from over 12,000 locations. To locate the closest location near you, enter your zip code into the VITA/TCE Locator.

While these free tax preparation and assistance services like VITA, TCE, are great options, there are several other venues for qualifying Veterans and military families. The following three free online services are available exclusively to military members:

  1. TurboTax Military Tax Preparation Discounts that apply for free, or lowered cost tax preparation. E1 - E5 military members can prepare and file their state and federal tax returns for free. Other personnel ranks receive a military discount on TurboTax federal tax filing.
  2. Military OneSource is a collaboration with H&R Block offering a no-cost, electronic tax filing service for eligible armed force members. The Military OneSource program allows qualified members to prepare and file their federal tax return, and up to three state returns at no cost
  3. TaxSlayer Military tax preparation services are available to all active duty military members. Prepare both your federal and state tax return for free with the TaxSlayer Military Edition.

Track Your Military Tax Refund In Real Time

To track refund payments, download the IRS app, IRS2Go! which provides features that help taxpayers check the status of their income tax refund, obtain tax records, and connect with the IRS through social media venues.