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Hereís how simple filing your tax return with the IRS can be when you use TurboTax eFile, CLICK, that's it... No fumbling around with papers no waiting for postal mail delivery, no stamp, no cost, no kidding!

TurboTax efile just works like that. Prepare your tax return now and TurboTax will efile it with the IRS when they start accepting tax returns.

The IRS generally starts accepting tax returns by efile around the middle of January, but that doesn't mean you have to wait  to prepare your tax return. You can prepare your taxes now, and TurboTax will submit your efiled tax return for you automatically. Once it is submitted, the IRS will confirm receipt and acceptance by e-mail within 48 hours.

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Get Your Refund Fast When You Use TurboTax Efile

According to the IRS, U.S. Taxpayers efiled More Than 128 Million Tax Returns in 2017. The IRS has reported that the number of tax returns safely efiled has continued to increase each year. The increasing trend among taxpayers to efile has shown improved accuracy and time saving. With TurboTax efile, you can get your tax refund much faster than if you tax return were mailed in to the IRS.

It's So Easy To Be Green With TurboTax Efile

The leading name in tax preparation software, TurboTax applies Intuitís legendary ease of use to make tax filing simpler. With TurboTax, corporate and environmental responsibility is more than just a business practice. It's bridging the digital divide, and making the Earth a greener place. It's caring about healthy living practices locally, and globally. It's a cleaner, greener culture for our country, and the world.

Efile is short for electronic filing. It allows you to complete and send your information through over the Internet to the Internal Revenue Service instantly. With TurboTax, your efiled documents are encrypted so that nobody can steal your personal information from you.

This process saves you from having to get an envelope and a stamp and then drive and stand in line to mail it at the post office. then wonder if it ever got there in time, or at all.

When you Efile your tax return, you'll get proof from the IRS that they received your efile by e-mail with the receipt it generates.

You can use this option regardless of whether you are getting a refund or whether you owe.

As you can imagine, most people that owe money to the government choose to wait as long as they can to hold onto the cash so for them efiling allows you to wait until the very last moment.

TurboTax efile is fast, simple, free!

Here's why electronic filing makes more sense

  • Fewer mistakes: Using tax software like TurboTax reduces errors. The IRS states that 20 percent of income tax returns prepared on paper contain mistakes like missing information or inaccurate calculations. many of  these mistakes result in overpayments of taxes. In contrast, only about 1 percent of tax returns prepared using tax software contain mistakes. With electronic tax filing the IRS can detect any mistakes and send back an error report in as few as 48 hours so you can correct the issue and refile.
  • Faster, Safer Tax Return Submission: Get the job done faster by instantly submitting your tax return to the IRS. Filing electronically saves you from a trip to the post office, and the risk of a lost return.
  • Get Your Refund Faster: Postal mailed tax returns can take up to six weeks to process and return your refund. Efiling and electing to have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account has been proven to be the fastest way to get your tax refund back. It just makes more sense!

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