Getting Started: How To Prepare Your 2019 - 2020 Tax Return With TurboTax

TurboTax Download Software

Downloads or CD's are a software product that is installed and stored on your computer, compared to online products that are used online and based on the TurboTax website.

Order a CD, or Download TurboTax 2019 - 2020 Tax Software Products To Your Computer Today!

Obviously they both have advantaged depending on your needs. If you want to be able to work on your return anytime regardless of whether you have a internet connection or not, then the CD / Download version is going to be the best for you!

Other reasons for the download version is if you prepare family or friends tax returns for them.

The TurboTax Download Versions allow you to travel wherever you need to go to see someone and have the full blown tax program on your computer anywhere, anytime you need it.

Note: For replacement CD's, if your TurboTax CD is defective or was damaged in shipping, TurboTax will replace it free of charge. If you have high-speed Internet access for downloading and a TurboTax account (My Account), you can ask for a download link instead of a replacement CD. Then you can proceed to download your software version right away.

Can I Re-Download My TurboTax Edition?

After you've purchased a downloadable TurboTax product, you can re-download it as often as you like. Simply sign in to your account to access all the downloaded products you purchased. If your download is not listed, you might have purchased it using a different user ID. In this case, you'll need to use the retrieve id link on the TurboTax website.

TurboTax Download Tax Software Editions Include:

When are TurboTax Download Versions Available? Federal products are generally available by mid-November of each year. As tax laws change after this date, updates are provided for your edition. State products are generally available mid-January to mid-February (this varies by state).

How Long Does It Take To Download TurboTax

A list of estimated download times is provided below based on the speed of your internet connection.

TurboTax Software Edition File Size Estimated Time (Cable Modem) Estimated Time (DSL)
TurboTax Basic (Win) 90 MB 17 minutes 33 minutes
TurboTax Basic (Mac) 40 MB 7–8 minutes 15 minutes
TurboTax Deluxe (Win) 90 MB 17 minutes 33 minutes
TurboTax Deluxe (Mac) 42 MB 7–8 minutes 16 minutes
TurboTax Premier (Win) 90 MB 17 minutes 33 minutes
TurboTax Premier (Mac) 42 MB 7–8 minutes 16 minutes
Home & Business (Win) 90 MB 17 minutes 33 minutes
Home & Business (Mac) 43 MB 7–8 minutes 16 minutes
TurboTax Business 85 MB 15 minutes 31 minutes
TurboTax State (Win) 15 MB 2–3 minutes 5–6 minutes
TurboTax State (Mac) 8 MB 1–2 minutes 3 minutes

It is not recommended that you use a dial-up connections to download a TurboTax Software product due to its large file size. However, if you do attempt it, prepare for a long wait, most likely several hours.

After you have completing your purchase, just click the Download Now link on the Thank You page. This will take you to the "My Downloads" page. Once there, you can begin downloading immediately or return to the page if you prefer to download it later.

When the download has completed, double-click the TurboTax icon on your computer to install the program. That's it, your ready to use it!