Getting Started: How To Prepare Your 2019 - 2020 Tax Return With TurboTax

Turbo Tax Deluxe 2019 - 2020 Online

Everything you need for the common home owner and family to do their taxes.

I have used turbo tax now for several years and I highly recommend it. It is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to do your taxes. I help many friends with their taxes by using this software and it really adapts well to any situation. I have used TurboTax Online Editions, though for helping others I now purchase the TurboTax Software kit to load onto my computer.

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TurboTax Deluxe - Mac & Windows

Works with most operating systems.

Which to choose? TurboTax Online or TurboTax Software

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This Deluxe Software Edition includes everything from the Free Edition, along with additional Deluxe Features for importing data and more.

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Use Online: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X

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TurboTax Deluxe was designed for those who itemize their deductions. It includes extensive screens and guides to walk you through every conceivable itemization, which makes completely the return much easier and reduces the risk you’ll miss a deduction.

So according to TurboTax, if any of the following apply to you, the Deluxe edition is probably the best version for you:

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If your like me, sick of paying taxes to a government that can't work together for the good of the country, then keeping more money for yourself is obviously high on your list. It really irritates me to see the waste that goes on in Washington, and this drives me to keep looking harder for ways to keep my earnings. Fortunately this software has helped me do just that, and a substantial difference it truly has made.

I find that it has an easy to use interface and guides you step by step, letting you get the most for you money and, the most money back. It transfers information from previous years returns which eliminates a lot of re-entering information. For me being able to import data is huge, you see I'm a two finger wonder, I type pretty fast but I have to be looking at the keyboard. This means a lot of looking back and forth, thus importing saves me a lot of time and mistakes.

Now this edition has helped me in many ways and one of the biggest benefits I have found is how it educated me on properly preparing for future returns. I have to say that I get far bigger returns myself now that I plan for taking advantage of all the benefits and credits I can. I can tell you from my experience that there's no doubt if your like I was, your missing a lot of benefits just because you don't know you can take them. This means your working for money and giving it away even though you don't have to...

TurboTax Delux

This Year, TurboTax Deluxe Federal includes free E-Filing. While you can always do simple returns manually, this software speeds up the process, eliminates clerical errors, and enables free E-Filing. TurboTax Software allows year-to-year comparison to help spot potential errors

If your like me, using this Deluxe edition may be one of the best financial moves you've made yet. It definitely opened my eyes to what I was missing, and I'm glad it did!

Give it a try and see how it can help your filing process.

Turbo Tax Deluxe Maximizes Your Tax Deductions

This deluxe edition starts by asking you simple questions about your income, family changes and adjustments in your tax situation that could change credits and deductions. Then, based on your answers, it searches for more than 350 deductions and credits to get you the biggest tax refund—guaranteed.

TurboTax Deluxe Features 2019 - 2020.

Not sure how to answer a tax question? This edition guides you to the right answer, making your taxes even easier.

Straightforward Guidance & Advice: Get help on any tax topic from anywhere within TurboTax Deluxe.

Plain-English explanations help with specific tax areas and, include helpful examples when you need them.

Deluxe shows you a summary of your return, including income, tax, credits and payments so you know your taxes are accurate. Then it provides recommendations to help you get an even bigger refund the next year.

FREE Technical Support: Get answers from a TurboTax expert via e-mail, phone, or live chat

TurboTax Deluxe Features:

Updated with all of the latest tax laws to help you get all the deductions and credits you can qualify for.

TurboTax Deluxe Helps You Reduce Audit Risk: Tracks Your Audit Risk with the Audit Risk Meter™. Checks your tax return for common audit triggers and shows whether your risk is high or low. Provides tips to help you reduce your chance of an audit.

 TurboTax Deluxe gets you Guaranteed Accurate Calculations — Shows Your Refund in Real Time. Watch your refund add up on every screen as you complete your return.

With TurboTax Deluxe you get Federal Efile included  at no extra charge.

Try it Risk Free — Try Turbo Tax Deluxe Edition risk free, you can upgrade at anytime if you find another edition will work better for you.

Turbo Tax Deluxe + efile Review

It does the hard work for you - Asks easy questions and guides you step by step through your tax return preparation and filing.

Skips interview questions that don’t apply to you, so you can finish your tax return preparation faster.

Automatically Fills in W-2 and 1099 Info — Gets your W-2 and 1099 data directly from over 100,000 participating employers and financial institutions.

A brief summary lets you review and edit downloaded information if necessary. Step by step guidance.

Why TurboTax Deluxe could be your best choice

TurboTax Deluxe is a great family edition that help you take advantage of all the tax deductions you can including:

Medical, educational, homeowner and charitable contributions.

It makes preparing your taxes easy by guiding you step by step through your federal tax return. It also searches for credits and provides tax-saving tips to help you get the biggest refund possible.

Product tools

Spots Errors and Shows How to Fix Them

Start your TurboTax State return?

TurboTax Online State Features:

Free Efile – With TurboTax State you can efile your return for no additional cost.

Accurate Calculations – TurboTax State puts accurately calculated figures on your tax forms and guarantees their accuracy.

Transfer Federal Information – Your federal info transfers automatically into TurboTax State.

Biggest State Refund money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Find expert answers to your questions on every page. With Tax Guidance on Demand – TurboTax State explains complicated tax rules in just one click.

TurboTax State displays your tax savings total as it rises, and shows how your deductions affect your refund.