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TurboTax Canada Suite
Bundled Software 2017 - 2018

Includes the latest TurboTax Canada Platinum and Quicken Home & Business: Best value! Save valuable dollars, compared to buying both separately.

Is TurboTax Canada Suite right for you?

TurboTax Canada Suite is the best way to manage your personal and business finances in one place. Plus, TurboTax Canada Suite is the most cost-friendly solution, giving you a large discount by purchasing this bundle package, compared to buying both products separately.

TurboTax Canada Tax Preparation Software

Intuit Quicken
Monitors home and business finances, know how much money is coming in and going out of your home and business with tools designed to simplify cash flow reporting - like the Profit/Loss Centre.

  • Monitor your project and client profitability

  • Manage accounts receivable and payable

  • Create estimates, statements and invoices

Features in Quicken include:

  • Business Tagging - Organizes your business transactions for business & personal expenses

  • Business Tax Monitor - find your tax deductible business expenses, such as home office & vehicle costs

  • Smart investing tools to help you make better investment decisions.

  • Set goals, analyze and balance your investments - while tracking the results.

  • Use Quicken Home and Business to graph your investment value growth and asset allocation

  • Calculate and analyze your net worth

  • Reconcile quarterly statements

  • Update your portfolio online

  • Get a snapshot of your complete financial picture and plan well for the future with Quicken

  • My Savings Plan - Set flexible targets for regular expenses

  • Quickly see where you can spend more - or save more.

  • Categorize expenses with ease

  • Add extra details to any expense description

  • Bill management tool - Never miss a bill - see what's coming up and what's been paid, view and pay bills, set reminders, and check account balances quickly at any time.

  • Download bank & credit card transactions

  • Web Connect feature works with over 40 financial institutions.

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