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TurboTax Canada Student Edition
2017 - 2018

is the ideal Canadian student tax filing solution, and a secure way to do your taxes online this yea

TurboTax Canada Student Online Edition is FREE for college & university students who qualify

Designed for student with expert guidance to help post-secondary students with tuition slips T2202A or TL11.

You can do your taxes & file online from anywhere you have internet access. All you need is a computer & an Internet connection. Plus, you can easily file online using NETFILE2 to get your return faster.

Find all the deductions you can qualify for
Watch your refund grow on every page as you complete your return
Carry forward your 2007 TurboTax Canada return information
Get answers to your tax questions quickly from other TurboTax Canada users

Is TurboTax Canada Student Online Edition right for you?
Quick Tax is the ideal solution for Canadian college & university students who want to prepare & file their taxes online - from anywhere at anytime with an Internet connection. You can easily prepare your tax return with tuition slips T2202A or TL11.

You qualify to use TurboTax Student Edition Free if:

  • You paid tuition in and have a T2202A or its equivalent
  • Your household income for you & your spouse) is $20,000 or less

If you don't qualify to use the Student Edition for Free, you can still use the Student software at the current years software price per return.

Try it before you buy it
TurboTax Canada online editions let you do your taxes anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection - and pay only when you're ready to file. So you can fully try it out before you buy!

That's right, with the online editions of TurboTax Canada, you can try it before you buy it. Just start your taxes online, log in & log out as you please and fully test Quick Tax software for yourself.

Is it your first time using tax software? That's okay!
TurboTax Canada Student Online Edition is built with a helpful "Guide Me" feature and other tools to guide you through your taxes the easy way - no guesswork.

With the TurboTax Student Edition you can:

  • Transfer tuition to your spouse, parent or grandparent
  • You can deduct expenses if you moved to go to school
  • Deduct all the student loan interest you have paid
  • Get TurboTax Canada Support and in-product Live Community help, a network of TurboTax Canada users across the country who can share tips & tricks with you.
  • Maximize your deductions, plan RRSP contributions year after year
  • Optimize all your common deductions.
    RRSP TIP: Use the RRSP optimizing tool in TurboTax Canada before the March 1, deadline for RRSP contributions, and see how different contribution amounts affect your refund. Then, contribute to your RRSP accordingly, and reap the tax benefits.

Great guidance & support
Featuring the EasyStepTM Interview, TurboTax Canada Student walks you through your tax return step-by-step which means less effort for you. Then, simply check over your return, and your taxes are done.

In addition to giving you clear, easy guidance to help you do your taxes right, TurboTax Canada Student includes:

  • Free email support
  • Free Web-based product support, such as chat and online FAQs
  • Free phone support (restrictions may apply)
  • Get the answers you need when you need them.

TurboTax Canada makes it easy for anyone to complete their taxes themselves.


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