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TurboTax Canada Standard Edition
2017 - 2018

is professional tax software and a online tax filing solution for Canadian tax preparation.

TurboTax Canada Standard Online Edition is one of the most ideal programs for Canadians who want to maximize deductions! It includes tools to manage T4s, RRSPs, family & dependant tax credits - and more

Choose the secure easy way to do your taxes online this year! and file online to get a fast refund.

Getting the most out of the software you choose starts with choosing the right brand, then the right edition. To insure you get all the credits you can possible qualify for under your filing process it is important to recognize what each edition is intended to support for filing needs. For the standard edition your looking at superior support in the following areas.

Intuit TurboTax Canada Standard Features Include:

  • Calculates the best split between spouses for pension income
  • Ideal for taxpayers with common deductions, like RRSPs, donations & tax credits for your spouse/kids
  • Helps you get all of the deductions you deserve
  • EasyStep Interview guides you step-by-step
  • Guaranteed 100% accurate calculations
  • Includes free technical support
  • Automatically optimize pension income splitting with your spouse
  • Find more deductions out of a possible 400+ you may qualify for
  • Watch your refund grow on each page as you complete your return
  • Carry forward last years TurboTax Canada tax return info automatically
  • Easily file online and get your return as fast as ever
  • Setup technical support via email, chat or phone (fees may apply)

TurboTax Canada Software now includes 8 returns! Plus, the EasyStep Interview & other powerful tools help you find all the deductions you deserve: donations, RRSPs, tax credits for your spouse, kids & more.

Get more support and great formatting to guide you through your tax preparation in the best way possible in order to eliminate the stresses of the filing process. Over the year TurboTax Canada has taken the lead in consumer satisfaction and continues to gain market share every day. It's truly one of the best choices you can make to gain a better foothold on your filing process.

Try your hand at filing your own return and see what you pick up for skills that will help you keep more of your pay check every year. Knowing what credits and benefits can be taken is a perfect way to start focusing on more money in your pocket... We all like that idea!!!

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