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2017 - 2018

Canada's #1 selling tax software.

Ordering TurboTax Canada Online Software

Intuit TurboTax Canada
2017 - 2018 Tax Software

is professional Canadian tax software and a complete online tax filing solution.

The two tax solution options include,

Each provides solutions to all your personal and business income tax filing needs. Quick Tax has a friendly guided interface with easy to follow step by step instruction. Installation software is available for Windows based platforms and it allows you to complete your tax preparation quicker and more easily than ever before.

New "FREE" Quick Tax Products

NEW! Free Edition - if you have a simple tax situation, you can do your taxes for free. Do you qualify to do your taxes with the Free Edition?
NEW! Student Edition, designed especially for post-secondary students, and you may qualify to use the Student Edition for Free!

Intuit TurboTax Canada Software CD/download's

No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, there's a Quick Tax product or you.

TurboTax Canada software is available in boxed cd or by download. The advantage here is that you can work on anybodies return from anywhere regardless of whether you have a internet connection or not.

The software is downloaded and installed on your computer so that it goes with you wherever you go. This setup is ideal for those of  you that tend to be roped into doing tax returns for friends and family members. Plus, for anyone that works on other peoples returns to make money, this works well for traveling to their location in order to prepare their return.

With this form of tax return preparation, the software has a unique built in support and tax help format that helps you quickly decipher problems and questions you may have in any particular tax filing situation. This is the true sign of quality products that don't leave you stranded and confused trying to figure out where to go when you don't have the answer you need.

There are many brands out there that you can choose for your Canadian tax preparation but, there is a reason that TurboTax Canada is the top seller. It's a product that continually gets the best consumer reviews over and over again.

Try it for yourself this year and I'm sure you will see why it is a top rated way to file your Canadian taxes with ease. I like it because frankly it is a better and easier product to use than any others I have tried in the past.


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