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TurboTax Canada Platinum Edition
2017 - 2018

The ideal solution for Canadians with more complex tax needs, including guidance for investments & rental income.

Choose the secure way to do your taxes online this year!

The Platinum Edition is a superior choice to make when looking to simplify your filing process. It has a wide range of abilities to cater to your filing needs.

At the same time it is formatted to eliminate areas of the preparation process that don't apply to your filing process in order to save you time and effort. This is a priceless feature that certainly can be appreciated in a big way, after all, time is money!

Includes everything in TurboTax Canada Standard, -

Plus step-by-step guidance and tools for:

  • Pension Income Splitting Optimizer: Distribute pension income with your spouse for the best tax advantage

  • Provides enhanced guidance and tax-saving tips for investments, and helps you track sales of stocks, bonds & mutual funds.

  • Rental properties: determine eligible deductions for rental properties

  • Accurate Reporting: Provides guidance for calculating and reporting capital gains & losses

  • Integrates with Quicken to pull in your financial data.

  • Helps you find deductions & plan for the retirement you want

  • Do your taxes anywhere and file online: All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

  • Easy online filing using NETFILE, get your return quicker than ever

  • FREE! Full setup support via email, online chat and phone.

Understanding all the Canada Revenue Agency tax policies and procedures is handled within this software product so that you don't need to be concerned with missing something you should have known about during the preparation process. It's user friendly to the point of making you wonder why you didn't start using it year before.

Making the jump to doing your taxes yourself is certainly a iffy thought when you don't know what your in for but, tax preparation software can no doubt take that feeling away once you see how easy it is to use for the average laymen without math and tax knowledge. Simply put, it does the hard work for you so you can concentrate an what to do with that refund you will be getting.

Intuit TurboTax Canada Platinum is available both:

  1. As a Online Version for doing your taxes online from any computer with a internet connection

  2. As a Download or CD Version for installing on your computer to work on your tax preparation and save your results on your own computer.

Regardless of whether you will be working with an online edition or purchasing the software to install on your computer, your sure to find easy to navigate formatting that allows you to quickly move forward in the preparation process.

It's a battle out there with many brands to choose from and that's a good thing since that's what keeps TurboTax Canada on it's toes every year making tax preparation something we can all do for ourselves.

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