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TurboTax Canada Basic Edition
2017 - 2018

Just the basics, TurboTax Canada Basic guides you step-by-step through your returns and offers guaranteed accuracy on your returns. It's the ideal tax preparation software for Canadians that have simple tax return needs and don't require extra guidance for investments.

I have used Intuit TurboTax Canada Basic and found that even the most intimidated person like myself with little tax and computer skills can do their own tax filing with little effort at all. The Basic software edition is as easy as it gets when it come to tax return preparation.

Is TurboTax Canada Basic right for you?

Will your tax return include T4 income and possibly charitable donations, without the need for investment forms and rental properties? If so, choose TurboTax Canada Basic - the fast, effortless way to prepare simple tax returns.

TurboTax Canada Software is designed to make your taxes easy, and the support options help you along the way. With the EasyStepô Interview, TurboTax Canada Basic walks you through your tax return step-by-step in a easy to follow process, which means less stress and intimidation for you.
Plus, extra help is just a click away via email support, if you need it, plus online FAQs is a great place to get questions answered.

TurboTax Canada Basic also includes:

  • Free e-mail technical/setup support
  • Free Web-based product support

  • It's guaranteed 100% accurate

  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

  • EasyStepô Interview guides you through your tax return step-by-step

  • Bank quality security, you can count on a strong Privacy Team to protect your personal and financial information with the most advanced technology

  • NETFILE-certified with the latest tax law changes

  • Automatically double-checks your return for accuracy & completeness

  • File online with NETFILE, and get your refund in a shorter time frame.

This TurboTax basic edition is an ideal product for your simple return and one of the easiest programs to use for filing basic returns.

TurboTax Canada has been on top of the software market in Canada for a very long time and these products are the reason they continue to stay there. When your filing your return with the Canada Revenue Agency you want to make sure your information is accurate to eliminate any possibility of errors and delays to your filing process.

Delays and mistakes cost you time, stress and delays that only prolong the process for who knows how long. So getting it right the first time is the most stress free option to insuring you a good experience overall.

If you haven't tried this product before, well, it's probably time you did. It really can make your filing process a much better experience that you are most likely use to.

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