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I have found that TurboTax-Canada is a easy to use professional suite of Canadian tax software products and online tax filing solutions, and the most simple way to do my taxes.

The easy guided format will walk the most novice consumer through their tax preparation process one step at a time, in a intuitive format that's designed for ease of use.

TurboTax 2019 Software options include,

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TurboTax-Canada is the top selling tax software in Canada for many reasons but mostly just because it is far more developed than other brands. Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks are well-known brands with features that other manufacturers can't seem to catch up to.

The Standard version of TurboTax-Canada, which is the most widely used version for the majority of Canadians is dominating the market. There also the Premium version that provides additional benefit for investors and those with more complicated returns. If your tax return is simple and you don't have the need for reporting investments or using special forms. There is a Basic version that will probably work very well for you, though you might be able to use one of the free tax programs available for this type of return.

TurboTax-Canada for me, was easy to install. Just a few clicks and the software is installed and immediately logs on to look for any updates available. TurboTax-Canada Standard 2019 includes an EasyStep Interview that guides you through every step of your return. The software optimizes your RRSP and searches for any deductions you may be eligible for in order to ensure your biggest refund.

There are also online versions of TurboTax-Canada, including the free edition. To qualify for the free TurboTax-Canada version, you need to be a student, make less than $20,000, or only have T4/T4As to enter with no investments, including RRSPs.

Life Changes Profiling, a new feature within the interview process points out tax implications based on what happened in 2019. This is especially helpful for changes in your life if you started a business, bought a house or had a baby, or other changes.

TurboTax-Canada 2019 is a great pick for paid tax preparation programs. It may be well worth your investment if you have a complicated return and want an easy to use interface that lets you take advantage of all its additional features.

NEW! Most TurboTax-Canada CD/download editions now include 8 returns. Prepare & file up to 8 returns for individual net income over $25K. Learn more about the CRA 20-return limit here.

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