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TurboTax Canada 20 Edition
Prepare Multiple Tax Returns

Ideal for Canadians preparing multiple returns, and it includes guidance for personal and self-employment income. Complete 20 returns for net individual income over $25,000 and get all the features of Platinum and Business Unincorporated.

NEW! Pension income splitting: Distribute your pension income with your spouse using the Pension Income Splitting Optimizer. Available by live update scheduled for January 2013

Prepare & file personal & unincorporated business returns in one place
Maximize deductions & eligible business expenses with step-by-step guidance
Track sales of investments & business expenses

Investments: Provides enhanced guidance & tax-saving tips for investments - and helps you track sales of stocks, bonds & mutual funds
Rental properties: Helps you determine eligible deductions for rental property income

Accurate reporting: Provides guidance for calculating and reporting capital gains & losses

TurboTax Canada Pro 50 & 100 are no longer available
The CRA has regulated that all NETFILE-certified software be restricted to complete a maximum of 20 returns - regardless of filing method or income level. Therefore TurboTax Canada Pro 50 & 100 have been discontinued to meet the CRA regulations.

Handles life changes
Changes in your personal situation impacts your taxes. TurboTax Canada 20 helps you understand & manage the effect of changes such as:

Raise, bonus or job change
Home sale or purchase
Marriage or divorce
Birth of a child
Investment sale or purchase
Includes guidance & support
TurboTax Canada 20 walks you through your tax return step-by-step - which means less effort for you. Answer interview-style questions in plain English, and let TurboTax Canada do the rest. It even double-checks your return for errors and alerts you to money-saving opportunities. In addition to giving you clear, easy guidance, TurboTax Canada 20 includes:

Toll-free phone support
Free e-mail support
Free Web-based product support
Provides guidance for investments & retirement planning
RRSPs. Stocks & bonds. Mutual funds. Employee stock plans. You're investing now to help secure your financial future - and, as you may know, those investments can help you at tax time. TurboTax Canada 20 features tools designed to help you maximize your investments so you can benefit today and at retirement.

Better plan for retirement & make the most of your RRSP contributions
Track sales of investments
Get guidance on filing if you've had capital gains or losses
Rental property & CPP income - TurboTax Canada 20 also provides extra guidance for rental property income, helping you determine eligible expenses and providing tips for refinancing. Have Canada Pension Plan income? TurboTax Canada 20 can help you make the most of this and other tax advantages.

Maximizes your deductions
As you complete your return, TurboTax Canada 20 automatically updates & displays your refund or taxes due - so you can see how RRSP contributions & family tax deductions affect what you get back or owe. TurboTax Canada 20 even lets you try different tax scenarios to see the effect on your refund.

NEW! Uncovers hidden dollars with the Deduction Toolbox
More deductions mean a better tax return. That's why TurboTax Canada 20's Deduction Toolbox features tools designed to find deductions that apply to your unique situation:

Quick tips - As you complete your return, TurboTax Canada suggests tips to help you get more money back
Deductions from A to Z - View a comprehensive list of deductions. Plus, see a definition of each deduction, if you qualify and what paperwork you'll need to claim it
Detailed summary - Wondering if you remembered to claim orthodontic work or relocation expenses? TurboTax Canada 20 shows you a detailed summary of all your deductions as you complete your return - and before you file
Be confident that your taxes are done right
Trusted by millions of Canadians each year, TurboTax Canada is Canada's #1 best-selling tax software. It's guaranteed 100% accurate - plus, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. TurboTax Canada is government-certified & up to date on the latest tax law changes - which means you don't have to worry about flipping through complicated government manuals or missing information that affects your taxes. TurboTax Canada even double-checks your return for accuracy & completeness, so you can trust that your taxes are done right.

File online - and get $10 cash
Make the ECO-Choice! Prepare your return using TurboTax Canada and file with NETFILE3 - and waste less paper by filing online. Plus, when you file with NETFILE:

Get your refund faster than ever
TurboTax Canada will give you $10 cash back
Helps you spend less time on your taxes
TurboTax Canada 20 carries forward unused amounts & personal information from your last year's return, so you don't have to search your files for old tax forms or re-enter information. It also:

Lets you download your electronic tax receipts directly into your return
Does the math for you - automatically
Our security: Another reason Canadians trust TurboTax Canada
We know that there are potential threats associated with making transactions over the Internet. That's why we apply leading tools and resources - from the most advanced technology to our strong Privacy Team - to protect your personal and financial information.

New for the tax year:
File a maximum of 20 returns per computer or online account

For the new tax year, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has limited all tax preparation software products in Canada that allow you to NETFILE to a maximum of 20 returns to be filed per computer or online account. This new guideline applies to TurboTax Canada.

NOTE: The new limit applies to returns filed on paper or electronically using NETFILE.

If you have any comments or concerns about this limit, please contact the CRA at or visit

NEW! More returns in TurboTax Canada
TurboTax Canada CD & download products now include:

8 returns for net individual income over $25,000
Up to 12 returns for net individual income under $25,000

NOTE: Exceptions are TurboTax Canada 20, which includes 20 returns and TurboTax Canada Business Incorporated, which includes 1 return.

What's changed since last year?
Last year, Canadians could file up to 20 returns per TurboTax Canada product. This year, Canadians may file a maximum of 20 returns per computer or online account regardless of the number of tax software products you buy or download.

How many returns are included in TurboTax Canada?
TurboTax Canada CDs & downloads include 8 'paid' returns, or returns for net individual income over $25K. TurboTax Canada also includes an additional 12 'free' returns, or those returns for net individual income under $25K.

This new per computer limit of 20 returns applies to both paid and free returns.

How can I buy additional returns?
You can choose to buy more TurboTax Canada products on this website. Or, if you prefer, you can buy more returns from within your TurboTax Canada product just follow the in-product instructions.

Consider TurboTax Canada 20
If you want to maximize deductions for multiple returns for large households, TurboTax Canada 20 can help. Featuring 20 returns for net individual income over $25,000, step-by-step guidance and additional forms, TurboTax Canada 20 makes tax time easier... even if you're using TurboTax Canada for the first time. Learn about TurboTax Canada 20 here

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