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It's an easy way to do your tax return preparation without complications.

Before I purchased the TurboTax Basic Software, I thought long and hard because I just didn't believe that I would really be able to do my own taxes.

TurboTax Basic Support

Turbo Tax Basic: For your needs you need to look at what edition will be the best fit for you situation. Basic filing is really for those simple returns that entail a fixed job and limited forms like 1040 and 1040ez.

Supported Platforms

TurboTax Basic - Mac & Windows

Works with most operating systems.

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Turbo Tax Basic Software Versions

TurboTax Basic Federal + eFile

TurboTax Basic Federal + State + eFile

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TurboTax Basic Features

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Which to choose? TurboTax Online or TurboTax Software

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Use Online: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X

The TurboTax Basic Edition:

You Should Use TurboTax Basic if:

  • You file a 1040EZ or other simple return
  • You own your home but donít have a mortgage
  • You rent your home or apartment

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This Basic Software Edition includes everything from the Free Edition, along with additional Basic Features for importing data and more.

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For a lot of Americans this is all they need to complete there filing process with ease, and to ensure your getting all the deductions you can to increase your refund.  Refunds are what we want right? After all, Uncle Samuel isn't typically looking out for our best interest is he...

To my surprise, this software made it so quick and simple! that I had to write about it. It asked all the right questions to eliminate unnecessarily wasting my time. It discovered the basics of my situation through a series of questions designed to remove areas of preparation that simply didn't apply to me. This meant I didn't need to try and slog my way through the often cryptic and confusing language of legal forms and tax jargon.

It took me just under an hour to complete my return and it did all of the math calculations for me - which is something I just don't like to do.

If your considering saving money by doing your taxes yourself, I recommend TurboTax Software for the job. It's just a easy way to go if you want a simple to follow fully guided tax return preparation process.

One thing I can tell you is that this software has made me a better filer for myself. It really taught me a lot about taxation, benefits, credits and mostly all the money I had been giving away to the IRS because I didn't know any better.

Knowledge is king and this product really makes you a smarter person for yourself and your finances.

TurboTax offers the Basic edition, which is very similar to the Free version. The big difference is that with the Basic edition, you can import last yearís filed return information if you used TurboTax and several other popular programs. So if you have used TurboTax in the past and still have the data, the Basic edition may be the better choice.

You can check out more information about the free version on TurboTaxís website by using the links above at the top of this page.

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