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Intuit Quicken FREE Online Edition

Know What bills are coming -- when can you pay them, and how much cash is left over for fun. Need to know your personal finances before you leave the office or when you are at the store? Intuit Quicken Online free edition can help.This Web-based money management system can help you access your info with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or other popular Web browsers.

Intuit Quicken Starter Edition

Perfect for first-time personal financial software users, Quicken Starter Edition is designed to get you up-and-running quickly - bring all your online accounts together in one place. Quicken Starter Edition is easy to install, and easy to use. It's not packed with a lot of clutter, so finding what you need and figuring out how to use features is a snap.

Quicken Starter Edition is a great, no-frills personal finance package. If it has to do with money, people and how they interact, this software has it covered and makes it effortless. Quicken Starter Edition can organize and track all your bills and spending. This edition also offers added services, like Quicken Online Backup, Quicken Bill Pay, Quicken easy integration into TurboTax and using Quicken Loans to find the right home loan/refinance package.

Intuit Quicken Deluxe Edition

If you need to create a budget to help you save for the things you really want, choose Quicken Deluxe. Quicken Deluxe includes all the features of Quicken Starter Edition plus additional personal finance tools to help you and your family manage spending and grow your savings. Always see where your money is going - (a.k.a. "money management")

Make online banking even better -- connect to your bank, credit card, 401(k)s, or brokerage accounts with a single password, it' that simple. Set savings goals based on the day-to-day information you enter, then check your progress through the month to see how your doing. Get suggested spending limits to easily understand how to control your budget. Accurately track and categorize expenses for simpler tax preparation and enjoy discounts and cash back on items you buy and places you shop most.

Intuit Quicken Premier Edition

If you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and want help optimizing your portfolio, choose Quicken Premier. Quicken Premier includes all the features of Quicken Deluxe, plus powerful investing tools to help you plan for your financial future and grow your investments. Smart investing tools help you research and balance your portfolio to monitor your net worth.

With Quicken Premier you can:

  • Organize your tax information and help maximize deductions

  • Connect to your bank, credit card, 401(k)s, or brokerage accounts with a single password

  • Stay on top of when bills are due

  • Enjoy discounts and cash back on items from places you shop most

  • Use investment planning tools to help better manage your portfolio and maximize your investments.

  • Define goals, and Set targets,

  • Perform thorough analysis of your 401(k), mutual funds, and stock investing with advanced tools and investing reports.

  • Get alerts on your favorite stocks and funds to help you make informed decisions about your portfolio.

  • Track and view your net worth with Quicken Premier's Net Worth Report

Intuit Quicken Home and Inventory Edition

Keep an organized record of your possessions, receipts and photos
Easily keep track of your belongings every day and when you move.

Keep everything together in one place

  • A photo inventory tool lets you easily drag and drop photos into Quicken Home Inventory Manager for claim processing and complete recording
  • Scan and attach price tags, receipts, warranties and appraisals. Document what you paid for each item, and what it's worth for insurance purposes
  • Simplify your estate planning by recording each item and its beneficiary
  • Inventory Value Summary feature shows you at-a-glance what the contents of your entire home are worth. The Inventory Detail Report gives you a detailed look at the information you've entered for each item.

Intuit Quicken home & Business Edition

If you have a small business and want to manage all your finances in one place, choose Home & Business. Perfect for home business owners and self-employed professionals. If you are looking for personal accounting software with a few small business features, Quicken Home & Business is a great choice. It includes all the features of Quicken Premier, plus a host of smart business management tools.

Quicken offers investing tools, tax planning tools, and property and debt management tools, all ideal for personal finance. Manage both your personal and business finances together in one place including online banking, credit card, loan, 401(k) and investing accounts. Access over 6,000 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions -- including PayPal. It includes Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable sections, some cash flow options and a Balance Sheet.

Intuit Quicken Rental Property Manager Edition

If you have rental properties and want to manage all your finances in one place, choose Rental Property Manager. Get all of the features of Quicken Home and Business, plus specific tools to help manage your rental properties all in one package.

With Intuit Quicken Rental Property Manager you can:

  • Instantly see which tenants have or have not paid rent for the month.

  • Find rental units having a lease coming due soon.

  • Identify which tenants habitually pay late.

  • See payment history for any given rental unit.

  • View Tenant Details, phone numbers, email addresses, security deposit, rental rate, lease terms and more.

  • Enter dated notes like maintenance requests for convenient tracking.

  • View and print tenant lists with property address and phone numbers.

The Income and Expense Ledger in Quicken Rental Property Manager allows you to enter rental collections along with maintenance and improvement expenses as they occur. See real time, year-to-date cash flow anytime.

Intuit Quicken Health Expense Tracker Edition

Take personal control and responsibility for appropriate medical coverage,  Medical Expense Tracker is a great software program to simplify the process.

Quicken Health Expense Tracker allows you to record and track various medical bills, insurance policies, and out of pocket expenses for multiple patients - even pets. It keeps track of various services, reasons for service, medications, tax deductions and more, then allows for a number of reports on that data.

Intuit Quicken Medical Expense Manager Edition

Easily manage multiple insurance plans, including Medicare and supplemental plans Keep track of what your next step is - send a payment, wait for insurance company response, ask questions or initiate a dispute.

Easily manage multiple insurance plans, including Medicare and supplemental plans. Keep track of what your next step is - send a payment, wait for insurance company response, ask questions or initiate a dispute.

Always know whether you've paid your bill, met deductibles or qualified for a tax deduction. Always have easy access to contact and insurance information, medical and prescription histories and more.

Set reminders so you never miss an appointment or a payment, enter all your bills, payments, insurance information and appointments as you receive them
With Quicken Medical Expense Manager, you're never left guessing. With clear records of present and past medical spending, you'll be positioned to make informed decisions.

Medical Tax Deductions, Medical Expense Manager helps you keep track of all your taxable health care expenses including related mileage, so you don't miss out on medical deductions. At the end of the year, use the Tax Deductions Report to see what you've spent and to determine whether you're eligible for tax deductions and credits.

Intuit Quicken For Mac Edition

Quicken for Mac is a comprehensive personal finance software program for the Mac platform. It's been designed for - and by - Mac users, and offers special Mac exclusives. Easily plan your investments and monitor your portfolio. Track your 401(k) investments within Mac edition electronically by downloading information from your brokerage or financial institution.

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