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H&R Block 2014 At Home [Formally TaxCut]

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H&R Block 2014 Software and Tax Law Changes

Providing that the economy is growing steadily, you can figure on tax increases taking effect in 2014. Reducing the deficit will become the top priority.

With these tax changes coming in 2014, rest assured HR Block 2014 will be ready for them.

With all the changes that have to take place due to the budget deficit it's hard to get a grip on all you need to know without some form of help. That's why using tax software like H&R Block At Home 2014 will be more important than ever. Ensuring you have the proper tools to take advantage of any deductions available is no doubt going to put you in the drivers seat. This in tern will enable you to get the most out of your return which includes the biggest refund possible!

H&R Block Online Tax PreparationOver many decades all around the country HR Block has been rooted in neighborhoods helping filers prepare their returns. All that expertise is installed in each software edition to help you save money by doing your taxes yourself.

Knowing what's coming in in tax laws is what these software editions are all about. They take the guess work out for you so that you can breeze through your return with ease.

Tax increases will hit businesses and individuals alike, probable hikes for individuals include:

  • Boosts in top marginal rates from 33% and 35% to 36% and 39.6%.
  • Higher rates on capital gains and dividends, for those in the top brackets.
  • Caps on itemized deductions for top earners.
  • Estate tax exemption changes of at least $3.5 to $5 million.
  • More easing of the alternative minimum tax, but no repeal.
    Business hikes and cuts may include:
    • Higher SECA taxes for owners of S firms and partnerships by blocking compensation as dividends instead of salary.
    • Restrictions on worker classification that treat workers as contractors who are really employees.
    • Elimination of some tax breaks for big corporations, including the deduction for domestic production, accelerated depreciation and incentives for foreign income and oil production.

H&R Block At Home 2014 will be one of the best ways to ensure your taking advantage of any breaks available to you in your tax situation.

H&R Block Tax Software Downloads and CD'sgrouping together income, excise, payroll and other taxes, with the average rate paid today of 21 on every dollar of income, according to a prior years analysis. For the top 20% of taxpayers, the average rate is higher at 26.

Longer term tax hikes will most likely go even further and hit more people and businesses. The only other option is deep cuts in spending, including Social Security, Medicare and defense.

Time is money, just like not taking the time to purchase the right software for your taxes will cost you money.

It's all about knowing when and where you can save, and that's what H&R Block 2014 will help you do, for you, and your family!

For the average filer there is much to be saved by filing your return yourself, and every time you prepare your return there is no doubt you'll be learning what it will take to get a bigger return the following year. All in all this is the best way to ensure your taking advantage of every way possible to increase your refund and put more money back in your pocket...

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